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On the granite soil of the Rhône bend, the Gamay grows like a lord!

The vineyards of Plan-Cerisier are dotted with "Mazots", small temporary houses that housed the vineyard workers who came down from the mountain.

In Fully, you can find, among other things, the "petite Arvine", the emblematic local grape variety. The Follatères nature reserve with its Mediterranean micro-climate dominates the vineyards.

The vineyards of Chamoson and Saint-Pierre-de Clages stretch over an alluvial cone which offers a great diversity of terroirs. Wines of exceptional quality are produced in the region's cellars.

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It is in the Sion region that the terraced vineyards are most impressive. The dry stone walls of the Domaines de Brûlefer and Les Cozettes reach up to 22 m in height. They rival the neighbouring castles of Valère and Tourbillon in grandeur and symbolise the struggle of the Valaisans over the wilderness. A walk along the Claveau bisse allows you to explore these terraces suspended in the void.

The Amigne de Vétroz is an old indigenous grape variety, it can claim different degrees of sweetness. The cellarers classify it by symbolising the labels with one to three bees according to the residual sugar content.

Cornalin or Rouge du Pays is the oldest red grape variety in the Valais. As early as 1313, the sale of a Cornalin vineyard in the area of the village of Flanthey is mentioned.

The vineyard overlooks the Rhone valley and the view opens up onto the Upper Valais and the town of Sierre.

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Going up the valley, we arrive at the Coteaux de Sierre. Here the neighbouring mountain people (from above!) used to move their vines and move several times a year.

The wine trail from Sierre to Salquenen/Salgesch crosses the famous vineyards of Miège and the Raspille river, which symbolises the language border. 

Between heaven and earth, discover the highest vineyard in continental Europe, stretching from 600 to 1150m. We are here in the cradle of the Heida/Païen, a white grape variety of the Traminer.