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c. antille


My name is Catherine Antille Emery, and I spent my childhood in my parent’s hotel which was located at 1700m altitude, above Crans Montana. As the grand –daughter of Louis Antille who, in 1893, built the very first hotel in the resort, I was brought up in the midst of the tourist industry, whilst still surrounded by wild, natural beauty.

In 1999, while working as a ski instructor and mountain guide, I founded by own company, “Discover Nature.” Via this, I took business, school or private groups on guided tours through the Valais. Unfortunately, following a snowboarding accident, I was forced to move into a less physical activity and took up studies at Geneva University to become a Heritage & Cultural Tourism Guide. As part of these studies, I presented an essay on the “History of Valais Vineyards & Wine.”

Having often taken foreign wine enthusiasts on guided tours over the years, and due to my desire to have more interactive communication with them, I decided to undertake in English the “Wine and Spirit Education Trust Diploma”, levels 2 and 3.

I truly hope to be able to share with you my passion for the vineyards and wine of the Valais, and convince you of its undeniable place in the world of wine…



                                                                                                                                       Catherine Antille Emery