Walk in the magnificent Flanthey vineyard. Introduction to the work of harvesting and vinification. Tasting of 2 wines in the 3 stages of the vinification.

Tuesday 15 septembre 14.00

Tuesday 22 septembre 14.00

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Excursion to a vineyard and wine tasting at Château de Vaas

Walk along the Bisse of Sillonin through the Flanthey vineyard, explanation of the surrounding nature and the history of vines and wine in Valais.  Tasting in the vineyards of a glass of wine from the backpack.  Visit of the Château de Vaas and its exhibition on the autochthonous grape variety Cornalin and tasting of traditional wines from the region.

15.00 Thursday 24 sept.  

 Thursday  8 oct.  

Thursday 15 oct. 


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Walk and guided tour of the bisse du Ro by a Heritage and Cultural Tourism Guide.

This structure, built in the 15th century, was used as an irrigation canal for the region and bears witness to the incredible courage of the builders of the time. Excursion to discover the Bisse du Ro.

Today the Bisse du Ro has been adopted for tourist purposes, it is safe and equipped with a new suspended footbridge. The breathtaking view will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Thursday 3rd sept. 14:00

Tuesday   8th sept.

Tuesday  29th sept.

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Grand bisse de Lens & wine tasting

Visit to the built heritage of Lens 
Excursion on the Bisse du Grand Lens, bisse erected in the 15th century allows the irrigation of the vineyards downstream.
Commented walk on the history of the Bisses, the vine and the wine in Valais as well as the observation of the surrounding nature.
Tasting of 3 wines in the garden of the Grand Lens Museum.

Thursday 10th sept.

Monday  14th sept.

Monday    5th   oct.

Wednesday  14th   oct.

Monday  19th   oct.

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Also in Winter....

During a windy afternoon or for a little break during your winter holiday

don't miss a visit in

the beautiful vineyard surrounded by the white summits of the Alpes .

I will organise for you a little walk in the vineyard followed by a wine tasting.