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Nature and Culture throughthe bisses
and mountain pastures of the Valais 


The Valais between Nature and Culture...

After having studied Nature through the training of mountain leader, I trained in Valaisan Heritage at the UNIL... Because, when one knows and appreciates the Valais, it seems difficult to separate Nature from Culture. It is true that nature was present long before man, but since he settled in our regions, culture has followed suit, and unless you climb very high to flirt with the summits, man's imprint is practically omnipresent in the Valaisan landscape.

During a walk along a bisse or an excursion in the alpine pastures, nature, although extraordinary, can hardly ignore the presence of man.


In the past, it imposed the "remuage", or change of altitude of the place of habitation with the passing of the seasons, and today it gives rhythm to the tourist economy of the canton.


I would like to help you discover the Valais as a whole, at every level, from the plain to the summit, nature is sublime and the history of man commands respect. 


Man is a cultural being by nature because he is a natural being by culture.  


                                                                                                                                                                    Edgar Morin

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